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Christmas Great Room Floor Extended Printed Backdrop

SKU: ED-HDY-GI-013-PP-511
Regular price $145.42

Transform any space into a studio with our All-in-One Printed Backdrops. These backdrops set a complete scene for mini sessions or studio portraits. Our All-in-One backdrop feature both the backdrop and floor portion of a design. Set up is simple: Hang or clamp backdrop to your stand and sweep out the floor design in front. We suggest avoiding hard right angles to create a realistic looking depth when photographing. Use painters tape to secure the backdrop to your floor. Place your model towards the front of the floor to capture him/her in the unique setting for a one-of-a-kind studio portrait!

Material :

Poly Paper:
A synthetic coated paper. It's durable, water-resistant and very difficult to tear. Has a matte finish so there is no glare from lighting. Requires clamps for hanging.

Vinyl: A high-quality vinyl that is more durable and heavier than Poly Paper. It's water-resistant and is very easy to clean; simply wipe away dirt marks with a damp cloth. Has a matte finish so there is no glare from lighting. The backdrop comes rolled on a cardboard core for ease of hanging.

Wrinkle-Free Cloth: A 100% polyester weave, similar to a tablecloth. Fabric is wrinkle-resistant, and has a sewn in rod pocket. This backdrop material is both washer and dryer safe. Please note that due to the printing process small variances in backdrop size and color may occur.

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