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Patterned Wings Printed Backdrop

SKU: KID-VS-050-PP-45
Regular price $69.52

Backdrop Material Information

Paper: Poly Paper backdrops feature a synthetic coated paper that is exceptionally durable, water-resistant, and tear-resistant. Its matte finish eliminates glare from lighting, ensuring optimal visual clarity. Clamps are required for hanging.
Vinyl: Vinyl backgrounds offer a high-quality, durable, and heavyweight alternative to Poly Paper. Resistant to water and easy to clean - simply wipe away dirt marks with a damp cloth. Its matte finish eliminates glare, and it comes rolled on a cardboard core.
Wrinkle-Free Cloth: The backdrop cloth resembles a tablecloth in texture, boasting a wrinkle-free polyester fabric which features a sewn-in rod pocket for hassle-free hanging. This backdrop material is washer and dryer safe, ensuring easy maintenance.

Photography Floor Mat: The Floor Mat boasts a 2mm thick neoprene rubber floor, the neoprene mousepad floor material is renowned for its durability, flexibility, lightweight design, and ease of cleaning. Ideal for studio use or on-location photoshoots, it provides a versatile surface for various photography needs. 

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